Piano Accordion In Rock Music

Aaa..., rock music! From the old school hard rock until the most complex symphonic rock it has enchanted or horrible zed hour ears.
Although everybody has his own different taste in music, I guess it is hard (or impossible) to find someone who doesn’t have at least one rock song in his heart.
And that's because Rock includes a big variety of genre and because it is old and also new and it had time to evolve.

In the evolution process some bands did not make it far, for example T-Ride one great band that was described by Joe Satriani as "The future of metal" made only one album. Others like Queen and Pink Floyd had time to experiment and become legends. Although T-Ride and other bands prematurely broke up, they teach us one lessons: Always experiment.

You’ll probably say at this point: But those are just other words for "Be original", smart pants! And you are right, but in a world where everything needs to be original, the music it got pretty standard, isn't it?
The image is always the same: rappers need to be gangsters, the ladies singers need to be good lucking and kinda sexy and the list goes on. The instruments also got pretty standard too: only guitars, drums and, at some extent, keyboards are allowed in a metal band. Accordion should be used only for polka or tango.

Okay..., what about accordion in rock music, that’s right and without a making a stretch. Is it out of line? Well, let us see a top 5 published by WashingtonTimes after a contest held in 2008 by The American Accordionists Association in Holiday Inn hotel, Rosslyn.

Here are the Top five accordion rock songs:
1. Squeeze Box — Played by Pete Townshend.
2. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy).
3. Jenny's Got a Pony.
4. Back Street Girl.
5. If You Should Fall From the Grace of God.

Well, did it change your mind?


P.A. said...

Music trend is similar with weather season..it changes every now and then..some hate it some like it..

It's a cycle that keeps on going.

Accordion Videos And Links said...

Accordion + Rock = :-)