6 Reasons To Play Accordion

Have you ever wonder why should you start playing an instrument?
Well, here are top 6 best reasons to start playing accordion. Why are these best? Because they will not just help you starting but also keep you going when the things get rough.
In fact these reasons are so important that if you meet the majority of them you will succeed acquiring accordion skill and if you don't, most likely you will fail.

1. Fun
The first and most important reason is FUN. This is why you should start very slow with simple stuff and work your way up to more advanced stuff with patience. Make your learning process easy and fun, and there will be nothing to stop you. Spending hours and hours in the beginning doing only exercises might get you frustrated and even to quit.

2. Challenge
Life without challenge is boring. If everything is predictable and easy, you would get bored out of your mind. While playing accordion you can be sure you will encounter challenges. However, challenges need to be balanced with fun. Too much challenge and the fun is gone.

3. Distinction
Everybody needs to feel somehow different, or special, if you may. And this is a great way to do so. I mean, face it; how many persons you know are playing accordion? My guess is: very few. (Especially if you do not study music in school)

4. Connectivity
Although practicing in your room alone it will not gave you any connection, singing at special events like birthdays or just to show your friend and family some tunes, will connect you with people around you in a special way. Not to mention if you gather some people to sing along.

5. Growth
In the process of learning accordion you have plenty of space to grow. No matter how good you became there will always be something for you to improve. This means the challenges will be there, always looking after you not to get bored.

6. Contribution
You may not feel like contributing too much in the beginning, but we need music in our life. And if you can make one person smile in your entire accordion carrier, then you can be sure your contribution is big.
Because without feelings there would be no music.

That’s it, those are the 6 reasons to start playing accordion and after that to keep you going.


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That is a great list

MusicalStudy said...

Good list!! Thanks for the exclusive share.