Used vs New accordion

Now we have another big question on our hands? So, used vs new, let's see the advantages and disadvantages.
A. On used one:
If you consider buying an used accordion you have of course the lower price advantage, however the instrument is very delicate and it can have easily malfunctions. Also they are difficult to repair which it's translated expensive to repair. So spend some time and check that the accordion is working this means every key should work, if you don't press any key the bellows should not go down easily. Brig a person with you to cut your enthusiasm, preferable a person who own or who know about instruments. Try to find an European brand, most of them are well known for long lasting quality. And also a good idea is to chose an periodically used accordion over one which stayed locked up somewhere.

B. On new one:
Well with a new accordion you can be shore that you instrument is working properly, plus you have the warranty. Another big advantage is that you can choose exactly what you want type, size, color, etc., rather then looking for what is available on the news paper. Only problem here is the price which can go very high mainly because many pieces are hand made. Anyways I would recommend a smaller European made accordion rather then a full size Chinese one which has a very bad sound quality.

In conclusion whatever you decide, used or new, I hope you will be satisfied with you decision.

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