Why Accordion?

If you are reading this page, it means that you have decided to start playing the accordion. Or, the idea of playing it may have crossed your mind, but you haven’t made a final decision on acquiring an instrument yet.

The truth is that no instrument is better than another. Who plays the instrument, makes all the difference. Keeping this in mind, there are however some
factors that you might want to consider. This page describes the characteristics of the accordion and the unique values of learning music.

What makes the sound of an accordion so great?
1. The accordion is a compete instrument like the piano, this means you can play melodic lines with the left hand, while with the right you can play bass, rhythm. This makes it very powerful while playing solo.
2. Stradella bass system allows you to play chords by pressing only one button for each chord which makes life much easier for fresh starting musicians.
3. One great advantage over the piano is the portability. You can carry your accordion wherever you may go. It is not the most portable instrument, but let's say is the most portable and complete acoustic instrument.
4. You can control the exact duration of a note, which give him an tremendous power.
5. And last, but not least, the unique sound, the great poetry and expressiveness that this instrument is capable especially in the hands of a great master.
See Accordion Masters

Off course there are some disadvantages, but most of them can be compensated. Like playing the chords that are not included in the bass system, is done by pressing two or more keys.


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