Accordion Buyer's Guide

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If you don't have an accordion yet, here are some tips on choosing one. This Accordion Buyer's Guide is not intended as a marketing strategy. I'm not selling accordions and I don't have any contract with such companies. Basically I'm not trying to sell you anything nor to make you buy the mot expensive accordion on the market. This being said and put apart, before even consider buying one you should know some things and some question you need to put yourself. In the articles bellow I didn't intentionally discuss brands or prices. Check the menu bellow :

1. What type of accordion do I want?
2. What size is suitable for me?
3. Used or New accordion?

After reading the articles above, I hope you will have an rough idea of what to buy. But not matter your decision on the instrument, I hope you will play it well and for many years to come. It is said that an instrument is really great in the hands of really great player. Also hope this accordion buyer guide to be useful for you. I'm looking forward for you comments.


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This really helped me. I searched "Accordian Buying Guide" in google and this page came up, fortunately. Thanks much