12 bass accordion pros and cons

Should a kid start whit is a 12 bass accordion?
Well to be honest there is no correct answer to this questions. There will always be pros and cons about it.

A 12 bass accordion is a great way to start because:

- It is easier to learn
Learning full stradella configuration can be frustrating and many quit because of this. Lacking patience is a normal thing for kids.
The kid will have instant gratification because he will learn quickly small songs.
Most learner books will contain songs that use only those notes. So you will have tunes to play for a year or so.

- You are starting cheap
It is the cheapest way to decide if you are really going to learn it. You really don't want to pay around 1500$ (1000 euro) to have an accordion as furniture.

- It is lighter
Initial position of playing is very important for the beginner. Being light, the accordion will allow correct posture for much longer time.
Hopefully the kid will have less back pain.

It is a bad idea because:

- Of limited grow
After a year or so, the kid will outgrow the accordion. More complex pieces will not be in available.

- It gets more expensive on long run
When your kid will outgrow the accordion, you need to buy another one.

- Of the accommodation
Having a new instrument means more time spent to accommodate with it. The keys will not be in the same place. More buttons will feel different.

Bottom line

If want to spend a relative small amount of money, never ever sacrifice the quality of accordion over the number of bass buttons.
The worse idea is to buy an accordion of bad quality that will always be out of tune. The bass play accuracy is 80 to 90% dependent on the kid's music ear development.
The editor choice is based on the age of the kid:
12 bass for 10 year or less.
24 - 48 bass for 10 + years.
72,120 not for beginners


Anonymous said...

I really do love my 12 bass, but a lot of the songs I'd like to learn require more accords. Is there a way around it?

Anonymous said...

You can also play minors on a 12 bass accordion