Accordion Lesson 5.

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Hi again, and welcome to accordion lesson number 5. If you are reading this and you did not just skip the chapters until here, let me congratulate you for make it so far. Statistics show that on average, 80% of people never even reach the second chapter of a book. And you already read twice as much.

And now let's put the hands together! (For applauding yourself :)
Take your accordion and let's play the following song. We will call it "The C Song" because it will use only the C notes and chords.

Accordion Music.
Click on the image to see it bigger.

Did you found it challenging? If you did, don't worry, it supposed to be harder. After all, when is the last time you used both your hands doing different complex stuff with each one? You brain needs time to adjust to the coordination. Have patience with your brain! He can handle it!

Now go back to the song and try to play it couple of more times until you get satisfied by your result. Remember, this is not a contest. You should not rush the learning process, the goal is to learn how to play as well as enjoying it and having fun. Because, if you get too serious, there is a high probability you'll no finish this course.

We will take it very slow in the same way we are building muscles, first with a small weight and we increase the difficulty little by little, until we achieve remarkable results. So let us put more "weight".

Accordion Music.
Click on the image to see it bigger.

Play it couple of times until you get satisfied with your result.

That is all for this lesson.

Here are some resources:

-A pdf file with the complete C song :

-A midi file so you can hear it as well. I hope your accordion sounds much better :)

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Machteld said...

This is wonderful! Only place on the web with easy beginner lessons readily available. Thank a lot!