The old book.

Maybe useful some day...

Searching the net for some accordion books, I founded "Alain A. Abbott: 54 Exercices de Technique (Accordion solo)" on a not very well know website. Didn't had to much description on it, however because it's very hard to find a good book about accordion these days I order it. After 4 weeks the package reached my place. I couldn't wait to get my hands on that book, so I opened it right away and then surprise !!! There it was this very old book printed in 1969? Oauu! A museum piece. Reading through, I discovered that is full of scores for technique but no explanations what so ever, so not very helpful I guess. Some dull exercises without any explanation. Hmm, maybe some day when I will really want to improve more than to have fun, but for know this will stay nicely in a shelf.

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