Lesson 1

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The musical notes describe the pitch (how high or how low the sound is) and the time measure (how long the sound is.)
They notes are named with letters from A to G or with Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si(Ti).
Try to spell all the letters. Can u do it backwards?
This below is called the C scale, because is showing notes from C to C.

So the notes are C D E F G A B C.
The grid is called the staff (staves plural) and because has the treble key(or G clef) in the beginning is called treble staff. As you can see the staff has five lines and 4 spaces between them. All of them represent notes. The lines represent the following notes: EGBDF and the spaces are: FACE. Every time you want to mark a line or a space to play you draw a small circle on it.
Let us extend the five line grid to eleven but we will not draw the middle one.

Can you name all the notes? I'll give you a hint first note from the bottom left is C.
So in the image bellow we have the treble staff which is the upper staff and the bass staff which is the bottom one. To recognize the which one is which each staff has one big symbol (clef) in the beginning. So now if you look at the picture bellow you will know that it is a bass staff and not a treble.

In the next lesson we will learn about time measure.

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